Conference Program

(Panel details below)

NEW! Click here for full program (downloadable pdf). Print versions will be available at conference check-in beginning Friday at noon in Library 120 on the HWS campus.

Event: Exhibits at the Davis Gallery of Houghton House (Panel sessions B and E)

  • Selections of East Asian Art from the Colleges’ Art Collection (Lara Blanchard)
  • Fashion Fusion: Diversity in Islamic Dress (Etin Anwar)

Friday, September 22

12:00-5:00 Registration and Book Exhibit Library 120
1:00-2:30 Panel Sessions A
A1: The Political Dynamics of Cultural Consumption Coxe 001
A2: Chinese Communism from Below Coxe 008
A3: Lost Opportunities and Unfinished Revolutions Fish Screening Room
A4: Kalinga Tattoo Pilgrimages Geneva Room
A5: Formalization and Factualization Sanford Room
A6: Language and Communication Stern 103
2:30-2:45 Coffee Break Scandling Patio
2:45-4:15 Panel Sessions B
B1: South Asian Economy Stern 301
B2: America Consumes Asia Coxe 008
B3: Sexual Expression and Public Discourse Coxe 001
B4: Tour of Asian Art Exhibits Meet at Stern Patio
B5: State and Media in China Sanford Room
B6: Popular Culture, Health, and Gender in Contemporary East Asia Fish Screening Room
5:00-6:00 Welcome and Reception Vandervort Room
6:00-7:00 Plenary Address, Tejaswini Ganti, New York University

“Producing and Consuming Fictions: Lessons from Bollywood”

Vandervort Room
7:00-8:30 Banquet (Registered Guests Only) Vandervort Room

Saturday, September 23

8:00-9:00 Continental Breakfast Stern 2nd Floor
9:00-5:00 Registration and Book Exhibit Library 120
8:30-10:15 Panel Sessions C
C1: Storytelling Stern 103
C2: Conflicted Sites of Consumption Stern 201
C3: Social Conflicts and Harmonies Stern 203
C4: Luxury Markets and Consumption Stern 301
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break Stern 2nd Floor
10:30-12:30 Panel Sessions D (Roundtables)
D1: New Pedagogies in the Japanese Language Classroom Stern 103
D2: Multilingual Formations in India Stern 201
D3: Consuming and Conserving in Singapore Stern 203
D4: Genders and Sexualities across Asia Stern 301
12:30-2:45 Lunch  Vandervort Room
NYCAS  Business Meeting  Vandervort Room
AAS Presidential Address, Katherine Bowie  Vandervort Room
2:45-4:30 Panel Sessions E
  E1: Asia Consumes the West Stern 103
E2: Social Self-examination Stern 201
E3: Imperialism, Globalization, and Art Stern 203
E4: Food in Southeast Asia Stern 301
E5: Border-Crossing and Gender Stern 303
E6: Education, Policy, Equity Stern 304
E7: Tour of Asian Art Exhibits Meet at Stern Patio
4:30-4:45  Coffee Break Stern 2nd Floor
4:45-6:30 Panel Sessions F
F1: Domestic Conflict Stern 103
F2: Consumption after Liberalization Stern 201
F3: Traveling and Immigration Literature Stern 203
F4: Blurring Borders Stern 301
F5: Imperial China and Foreign Influence Stern 303

Panel Details

Panel Sessions A

Friday, September 22, 1:00-2:30

A1: The Political Dynamics of Cultural Consumption

Mitsuhiro HAYASHI (Cornell University), “Consumption and Dignity: The Dual Status of Japanese Culture at Western World’s Fairs in the Late Nineteenth-Century”

Akiko MIYAMOTO (Tokyo Institute of Technology), “The Relationship between Film Festivals and Consumption of Japan: With Evaluation of the Work by Yasujiro Ozu during the Period from the 1950s to the 1970s”

Hiroko ICHIKAWA (University of Tokyo), “The Role of Public Diplomacy in the Normalization of the US-Sino Relationship: The Dispatch of Performing Arts Organizations to China from the United States”

A2: Chinese Communism from Below

Xiangli DING (University at Buffalo), “’Socialism Comes True’ : The Building of Small Hydroelectric Stations in Rural China, 1958-1977”

Qiong LIU (University at Buffalo), “Passion, Class and Revolution: Women Practicing Violence in the Land Reform in Shandong Province, 1946-1948”

Anrang WANG (Cornell University), “From Federalism to Regional Autonomy: How Communist China Incorporated Its Northern Borderlands”

Jongsik Christian YI (Harvard University), “Fruits amid the Famine: Policy Shifts in Horticultural Agriculture in Communist Chengdu, 1958-1965”

Chair: Kristin STAPLETON (University at Buffalo)

A3: Lost Opportunities and Unfinished Revolutions

Tara Najd AHMADI (University of Rochester), “The Newborns and the Aesthetics of Incomplete”

Jiangtao GU (University of Rochester), “The Receding Future of Hong Kong in ‘Twenty five Minutes Older’”

Tristan MENZIES (University of Rochester), “The trope of the professionalized amateur in Moriyama Daidō’s post-1970 commercial career”

Discussant: Leah Shafer (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

A4: Kalinga Tattoo Pilgrimages

Sam PACK (Kenyon College), “Whang-Ud, Inkorporated: The Commodification of Traditional Tattoos In Contemporary Kalinga Society, North Luzon, Philippines”

Justin SUN (Kenyon College), “Permanent Souvenirs: The Tattoo Pilgrims of Buscalan, Kalinga in the Northern Philippines”

Elise TRAN (Kenyon College), ““Romancing the Savage” Whang-Od, Carrot Man, and Shifts in the Mainstream Filipino Perceptions of Igorots”

Chair: Christopher Annear (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

A5: Formalization and Factualization

Matthew DUBROFF (Hampden-Sydney College), “Pure Black:  Codification, Visualization, Oral Tradition and the Survival of Noh through the Meiji Restoration”

Qieyi LIU (Columbia University “Chinese Entomology in the Interwar Period: A Confrontation between Natural Science and Indigenous Knowledge”

Joshua Evan SCHLACHET (Columbia University “The Yōjōkun Brand: Kaibara Ekiken and the Socialization of Nourishment in Early Modern Japan”

Chair: Lisa Yoshikawa (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

A6: Language and Communication

Mari FUJIMOTO (Queens College), “How to teach and practice Japanese particle -ga and -wa in the classroom: a new approach”

Paphonphat KOBSIRITHIWARA (Kasetsart University (Bangkhen), “Consuming Korean: Obstacles and Problems in Interoperability between Thai and Korean Teachers in Thai Secondary Schools”

Chair: Kyoko Ishida Klaus (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

Panel Sessions B

Friday, September 22, 2:45-4:15

B1: South Asian Economy

Ipshita GHOSH (Syracuse University), “Making Good(s): Health, Care and Citizenship in India”

Oladejo Charles ADEWALE (University of Ilorin), “Between Medical Tourism And Corneal Transplantation : India To The Rescue”

B2: America Consumes Asia

Tim COOPER (Siena College), “Schrodinger’s Restless Ghost: Meiji Era Noh Performances for Foreign Dignitaries”

Chelsea HUDSON (Georgetown University), “Designing the Western Eye on Japan”

Hyo Jung KIM (Stony Brook University), “Making New York Art World Global: Speak American (1990) by Mo Bahc”

Chair: Lisa Yoshikawa (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

B3: Sexual Expression and Public Discourse

Rinatania FAJRIANI (University of Copenhagen), “The commodification of social intimacy: contesting the political discourse of ‘budaya ketimuran’ in Indonesia”

Arnika FUHRMANN (Cornell University), “‘Lèse-Breast’: Sexualized Bodies and Authoritarian Politics in Thailand”

Keiko MIYAJIMA (CUNY John Jay College), “Toward Androgynous Sexuality: Japanese Boys’ Love Narratives and The Gender-Crossing Pleasure of Reading”

Chair: Darrin Magee (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

B4: Structural Formality in Imperial China

B5: State and Media in China

Jeffrey CHOW (Buffalo State College), “Economic Pragmatism or Political Hegemony? The Curious Case of China’s Infrastructure Investments in Malaysia”

Yuxi NIE (Leiden University), “China’s Communication Policy and Digital Consumption — How State Media Xinhua performs on social media platforms”

Chair: Jinghao ZHOU (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

B6: Popular Culture, Health, and Gender in Contemporary East Asia

Emily BOWLUS-PECK (University at Buffalo), “Jesuit Understandings of Abnormal Behavior in Early Modern Chinese Medicine” (2017 Graduate Winner of Marleigh Grayer Ryan Student Writing Prize)

Isaac GAGNÉ (Yale University), “Materializing Virtual Worlds: Socialization, Sociality and Ethics in Anime Pilgrimages”

Nana GAGNÉ (Yale University), “Nature vs. Technology: Active Pursuit for Pregnancy in Low-Fertility Japan”

Tiantian ZHENG (SUNY Cortland), “Political Economy and Cultural History of Spousal Violence in China”

Panel Sessions C

Saturday, September 23, 8:30-10:15

C1: Storytelling

António BARRENTO (University of Lisbon), “Perceptions of Travel: Advertising in the China Traveler, 1927-1954”

Allison BERNARD (Columbia University), “The Writer’s Role-Type: Autobiographical Personae and the Playwright-Protagonists of Early-Mid Qing Drama”

Ranwarat POONSRI (Kasetsart University), “Consuming Asian Folktales: The Universal Archetype in ASEAN and South Korean Folktales”

Chair: Lara Blanchard (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

C2: Conflicted Sites of Consumption

Nick KALDIS (Binghamton University), “Food Acts: Eating and/as Expressions of Communal Bonds in Taiwan Films”

Youn Soo KIM (Binghamton University), “Korea under the Cold War Structure: US Presence in Mongsil ŏnni”

Ryan SASSANO-HIGGINS (Stony Brook University), “In Defense of Kurosawa: Understanding the Artist and His Depiction of Women in Rashomon”

David STAHL (Binghamton University), “Visualizing the Invisible: Critiquing Repressive Ideologies Through Representation of Kuroko in Shinoda Masahiro’s Double Suicide”

C3: Social Conflicts and Harmonies

Mohammad GAMAL (Sebelas Maret University), “Consuming the land and environmental sustainability in Indonesia”

Utpola BORAH (Ohio Arts Council), “Challenging Fundamentalism: Hindu/Islamic Syncretism in Assamese Zikir”

Salahuddin MALIK (The College at Brockport), “Extent and Depth of Muslim Nationalism in India: 1757-1857”

Chair: Etin Anwar (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

C4: Luxury market and Consumption

Katsushi MIZUNO (Meiji University), Go IGUSA (Matsuyama University), and Yukie MORITA (University of Warwick), “An Analysis of Marketing in the Japanese Flower Market”

Judit Erika MAGYAR (Waseda University), “Political Changes and Cosmetics: the Japanese Shiseido and the Hungarian Helia-D”

Chair: Kyoko Ishida Klaus (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

Panel Sessions D (Roundtables)

Saturday, September 23, 10:30-12:30

D1: New Pedagogies in the Japanese Language Classroom

Sayaka ABE (Middlebury College)

Nathen CLERICI (SUNY New Paltz)

Hiromi DOLLASE (Vassar College)

Mari FUJIMOTO (Queens College)

Yuko MATSUBARA (Vassar College)

Keiko MIYAJIMA (CUNY John Jay College)

Mitsuaki SHIMOJO (University at Buffalo, SUNY)

Junko IKEDA SCHWARTZMAN (Binghamton University)

Yumiko NAITO (Washington & Lee University)

Patricia WELCH (Hofstra University)

Yilong YANG (Vassar College)

Chair: James-Henry Holland (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

D2: Multilingual Formations in India

Praseeda GOPINATH (Binghamton University), “The Idea of India’: Narendra Modi, Multilingual Masculinity and the Neoliberal Nation”

Chaise LADOUSA (Hamilton College), “Hailing Customers: Advertising for Education in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh”

Smita LAHIRI (University of New Hampshire), Discussant

Katherine MARTINEAU (Binghamton University), “Alternative Journalism as an Emergent Multilingual Media Style in Odisha, India”

Monika MEHTA (Binghamton University), “Multilingualism as Industrial Strategy and Fan-labor in Bombay Cinema”

Pavitra SUNDAR (Hamilton College), “Travelling Tongues: Multilinguality and Voice-overs in The Lunchbox”

D3: Consuming and Conserving in Singapore

Jonathan ALPERSTEIN (Vassar College), “The Singapore Orchid Story:  Examining the Orchid Breeding & Conservation Biotechnology Laboratory”

Alisha Elizabeth CHERIAN (Vassar College), “Conserving Culture(s) through and for Consumption: a look at state efforts to tame and theme Kampong Glam,”

Martha KAPLAN (Vassar College), “Water in Singapore:  Conserving Management and Consuming Pleasures”

Frank NAJARRO (Vassar College), “Environmental Education: Conserving and Enjoying Singapore”

Savannah WIMAN (Vassar College), “Connecting City and Garden in Singapore”

Siennah YANG (Vassar College), “Urban Nature in Singapore”

John D. KELLY (University of Chicago), Discussant

D4: Genders and Sexualities across Asia

Michelle HO (Stony Brook University), “Affective Genderplay: Contemporary Josō (Male-to-Female Crossdressing) Culture in Tokyo”

Wen LIU (Sarah Lawrence College), “Becoming Grievable Subjects: Narratives of Queer Asian American Melancholia”

Jahyon PARK (Cornell University), “Melodramatic Responses in Media Consumption: Korean Men Watching Misaeng”

Chris Eng (Syracuse University), Discussant

Panel Sessions E

Saturday, September 23, 2:45-4:30

E1: Asia Consumes the West

Jeannine CHANDLER (New York University), “One Mouse, Two Countries: Exporting Disney Magic and Negotiating the Sino-American Cultural Exchange”

Jennifer J. LAU (University of Toronto), “Consuming Nature in their Way: Niagara Falls in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Accounts”

Patrick NASH (University at Buffalo), “The Ku Klux Klan in Chinese Media, 1950-1960”

Chair: Shalahudin Kafrawi (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

E2: Social Self-Examination

Niall CHITHELEN (Cornell University), “In Search of “Spaces”: The Ezra Opium Case of 1925, Extraterritoriality, and Analyzing Semicolonial China” (2017 Undergraduate Honorable Mention for Marleigh Grayer Ryan Student Writing Prize)

Rendi LUSTANTO (University of Indonesia), “Inability of Traditional Community against the government and Investor in Preserving the Environment : the case of the Porosed Racalamation of Benoa Bay, Bali”

Mengzheng YAO (University of Delaware), “The Impact of Socialization Preferences on Perceptions of Generalized Social Trust in China”

Yijun ZHENG (Binghamton University), “Portrayal of Nuclear Issues in Kurosawa Akira’s Films”

Chair: Darrin Magee (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

E3:  Imperialism, Globalization, and Art

Anna PEAK (Temple University), “A Classic Case of Displacement: Victorian Fears and Asian Music”

Natalie SARRAZIN (The College at Brockport), “The Desi Beat Goes On: Rock’s Role in Indian Neo-Nationalism”

Anran TU (University of Alberta), “Exhibition Culture, Nationalism, and Consumerism in the Third Sino-Japanese Joint Art Exhibition (1924): A Preliminary Study”

Hans UTTER (The Ohio State University), “Social, Temporal, and Spatial Migration: The Music and Culture of the Silk Road”

Chair: Etin Anwar (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

E4:  Food in SE Asia

Christopher ANNEAR and Jack HARRIS (Hobart and William Smith Colleges), “Cooking Up Culinary Nationalism in Vietnam”

Kevin LAXAMANA (University of Alberta), “Savour the Flavour, Swallow the World: Serving and Consuming ‘Authentic’ Filipino Food in Edmonton”

Vinh PHAM (Cornell University), “Consuming Culture: On the Discourses of Asian Modernity Through Vietnamese Street Food”

Irwandi JASMIR (International Islamic University Malaysia), “Halal Science: Development and Prospects in its Contribution to the Halal Industry”

Chair: Christopher Annear (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

E5:  Border Crossing and Gender

Shao-Yun CHANG (University of Florida), “Writing Kinship through Materiality: perceiving Vietnamese-Taiwanese marriages”

Islam M. SAIFUL (University of Bath), “‘Now we take care of everything’: Male migration, changing gender roles, and women empowerment in rural Bangladesh”

Jiacheng DONG (Binghamton University), “Shaman, Ritual Master, Buddhist monk: The Exorcists and society in Song China”

Chair: Emma Pierce-Schell (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

E6:  Education, Equity and Values

Abdullah Al MASUM (University of Chittagong), “University of Calcutta and the Impediments to Higher Education of the Muslims in Colonial Bengal”

Yue DU (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Consuming Traditional Values for Political Consolidation in Contemporary China”

Huanshu YUAN (University of Washington Seattle), “’Out Focus’: The portrait of marginality and invisibility of migrant children in China”

Chair: Vikash Yadav (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

Panel Sessions F

Saturday, September 23, 4:45-6:30

F1: Domestic Conflict

Rafiul AHMED (Smith College), “Consuming Communalism: Digital Media, Hindutva and Construction of Bengal-origin Muslims as the “other” in Postcolonial Assam, India”

Siddharth SRIDHAR (University of Chittagong), “Alcohol and the Social Fabric: Prohibition and the Ezhava Caste Uplift Movement”

Chair: Vikash Yadav (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

F2: Consumption after Liberalization

Anaar DESAI-STEPHENS (Cornell University), “Consuming the self, producing the future on Mumbai social media”

Shoshana GOLDSTEIN (Cornell University), “Between Place-making and Displacement: The Politics of Urban Villages in Gurgaon, India”

Hayden KANTOR (Cornell University), “Chai, Biscuits, and the First Taste of Coke: Consuming New Foods and Self-Making in Rural Bihar, India”

Scott SORRELL (Cornell University), “Vibrators, Dildos, and Fleshlights, oh my! Buying and selling sex toys in India.”

F3: Traveling and Immigration Literature

Sara LEE (Binghamton University), “Consuming Asian American Literature”

Huimin JIANG (Binghamton University), “Chinese-English Translation, Foreign Language Writing, and Text-less Back Translation of Judge Dee Detective Fiction – A case study of sinologist Robert Van Gulik”

Chair: Jinghao ZHOU (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

F4: Blurring Borders

Charmaine CARREON (Binghamton University), “Looking for one another: Postcolonial Translation and Retranslation of Cebuano poetry into English”

Chia-Hsu CHANG (Binghamton University), “I See You in Me: The Intersubjectivity of Neocolonial Nation-States and Alternative Masculinities in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger”

Yeojin KIM (Binghamton University), “How can we define the others from us? : national identity struggle in South Korea appearing in Chan-wook Park’s short film, A story of Chandra.”

Chenrui ZHAO (Binghamton University), “Pop culture, Population and Politics:  Reading China’s Ethnical Tension Reflected in its Perception Against Trump’s Racial Policy as The Modern Panopticon”

F5:  Imperial China and Foreign Influence

Russell GUILBAULT (University at Buffalo), “Reason and Compassion in the Confucian-Catholic Encounter”

Qianxin LI (Binghamton University), “Empress Gi from Koryŏ — A Tribute Woman in the late Yüan”

Travis SHUTZ (Binghamton University), “Consuming Life and Changing the Empire”

Chair: Emma Pierce-Schell (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)